Introducing The Juke, a DIY entertainment system.

Introducing The Juke, a DIY entertainment system.

Need a quality sound system, but not necessarily a DJ? The Juke is your perfect solution. It is a fully computerized system that allows you and your guests to easily select the specific music tracks that you want to hear. You get great sound at an affordable price. It is perfect for parties that do not need a DJ to orchestrate the fun.

The Juke is about half of the price of a live DJ system, and is ideal for smaller parties or events. It is a great option for holiday parties, stags, staggettes, birthday parties, and small corporate functions. We deliver and set up your Juke for you and give you a quick lesson on how to use the system.

Using The Juke

A touch screen lets you select from over 9,500 music tracks that can be played on the accompanying high quality Sound System. When you select one of the 22 music genres, all the appropriate song titles appear on screen. Select the tunes you want to hear and they'll be played in the order you selected. It's like having the biggest, baddest Juke Box ever - right at your fingertips!

Call us and let us know how we can help get you setup for your party or event.