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Lighting is one of our specialties - from dance floor lighting to uplighting to special effect lighting, we cover it all! Our lighting systems are the best in the industry. All of our lighting options are fully customizable and allows us to produce any color on the spectrum to match the theme of your wedding! Call CJ Sound today to book the best lighting provider in Western New York!


Upgrade the entire atmosphere of your wedding with one of our uplighting packages. Accent walls with color, highlight special areas, or cast a welcoming and festive glow through your event venue. Uplighting is a fantastic way to spruce up any venue or event space! Our uplights are vibrantly bright with a 5-color system of blending to ensure that we can produce any color to match the theme of your event. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, anniversary parties, concerts, school dances, or any party you're hosting. You can use uplighting in any size event venue, or even just a small home.


Add some shine to your wedding décor with our fabulous downlighting packages. Just as uplights are designed to make the room come alive, downlights shine down from the ceiling to highlight your centerpieces, table settings, and more. We are one of the few event companies in Western New York that offers this unique lighting option!

Dance Floor Lighting

Heighten the atmosphere with lasers, blacklights, and moving/flashing lights that change to the beat of the music! With our dance floor lighting systems, we can mix and match different style lights for the floor, ceiling, and walls. Transform a boring, static dance floor into something dynamic that will keep your guests moving for the duration of your event!

Bistro Lights

Bistro lights are the perfect way to add a romantic ambiance to your venue. Give your wedding an old fashioned street carnival feel with a modern day touch. With our computer controlled multi-color programmable LED bistro lighting, you can choose any particular color or choose from a series of color changing automated programs to match the theme of your event.

Special Effect Lighting

Add visual magic to your event with our special effect lighting! This is a great way to add energy and a special "wow factor" to your wedding or event.

Freedom Sticks

Freedom Stick LED arrays are an excellent way to add eye-catching visuals to your event. A few of these battery-powered fixtures will deliver the kind of added stage presence and extra energy that your guests will absolutely love.

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