The Juke vs A Live DJ: What’s Better For Me?

Let’s face it: music is critical to almost any successful event. However, it takes a lot of hard work to successfully create a fun atmosphere by curating soundtracks that are fit for your audience. The question therein lies: “Should I hire a live DJ or a DIY entertainment system (The Juke) where I have to take control of the music?”

Some of our readers are probably wondering what we’re talking about whenever we mention “the juke.”

The Juke is basically a do-it-yourself sound system similar to a jukebox. Except our version of The Juke has thousands of songs integrated into it, takes up less room, and is quick and easy to setup. It’s a modern piece of technology and provides quality sound. We also handle the setup and takedown of The Juke. Not to mention, it is usually the better option for smaller-scale events because the crowd (which is smaller) controls the music and it is friendlier to those on a budget.

20140701-195805-71885678The beauty of the Juke is that your guests can select which tracks they want to play (did we mention our music selection is ridiculous?!) thus creating the atmosphere for themselves. The obvious downside is that the average guest usually cannot “feel out the crowd” like one of our experienced DJs can. (Move over, grandma–the crowd wants to hear something they can get low to!)

On the other hand, a CJ Sound DJ is of the highest quality and always knows how to get a party started. DJs can tell when people are having fun or not because they are essentially creating the atmosphere for your guests to enjoy themselves in. They can always change the music selection if they feel the crowd isn’t responding well to their set. Also, the DJ takes full responsibility of the music so you don’t have to! That’s the beauty of hiring one of our DJs. It’s your event; sit back and enjoy while we handle the hard part!

Either way, you can’t go wrong with either option. That doesn’t make your decision any easier but it really depends on the type and scale of event that you’re having. For larger events where your focus needs to be on something other than the music, a live DJ is the way to go! If you’re hosting a smaller graduation party and you want family and friends to curate the soundtrack of the event, go with The Juke. You won’t regret either decision.

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